Monday, January 11, 2010

So much for heading south

I was pretty excited about testing out the running conditions below the Bible belt this weekend. I imagined hugging the coastline as I ran a million miles, eventually ending up on the sandy beaches of Miami. The weather had another idea, as it was recording freezing temperatures here in my home town just in time for this past weekend's six miler. Oh- also it was raining. But no matter because it was still warmer than New York, and without an enormous dog in tow, I felt light as a feather. This was encouraging since last weekend's long run took place in the YMCA, and was less than inspiring. Also because I am eating my weight in Chick Fila. A Matheny, signing off.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Victory's within the mile

DUDES. Bryan and I AND Josh all got through the lottery for the Half Marathon. It's pretty awesome, and I plan on having several beers when I go home to celebrate (after I run six miles of course). I was really nervous because as much as I'd like to have the pressure of raising a boat load of money for people who have way worse problems than being out of breath on mile 4, I just wasn't quite sure how going door to door was going to work out (shout out Brooklyn Heights). So instead, I'm dreaming up a plan of fundraising of my own (more on this later). But for now, we raise our glasses because in a few short months my thighs will be as big as Texas and my waist as small as a pea while I hopefully meet my male counterparts across the finishline. Pasta dinners for everyone!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Training Update

It's Bryan again.Today is a big day. At 6:00 PM tonight the NY Runners Foundation posts the results of the half marathon lottery. We are crossing our fingers that we make the cut. Today I woke up with pain in my lower leg, especially in my right leg. I iced them this morning, did a 4 mile bike ride and iced them again with stretching in between. The weather here has been record breaking. On Saturday we are suppose to have a low of 26!!!! Sorry Alison. Anyway that's all I have for now, check back for the lottery results. Peace.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Hello Internets!!

Hello everyone! This is Bryan Matheny, Harpy's bro. I am also training for the halfy in NY. Got started off to a rough start. I seem to severely overpronate and have low arches. Not a good thing for a marathon runner. After having debilitating pain in my lower legs I went to the local running store and bought some new shoes. These are what they call The BEAST!! I still had pain in the beginning, but it seems to be getting better. That's all.....BTW Go Gators!!