Thursday, January 7, 2010

Victory's within the mile

DUDES. Bryan and I AND Josh all got through the lottery for the Half Marathon. It's pretty awesome, and I plan on having several beers when I go home to celebrate (after I run six miles of course). I was really nervous because as much as I'd like to have the pressure of raising a boat load of money for people who have way worse problems than being out of breath on mile 4, I just wasn't quite sure how going door to door was going to work out (shout out Brooklyn Heights). So instead, I'm dreaming up a plan of fundraising of my own (more on this later). But for now, we raise our glasses because in a few short months my thighs will be as big as Texas and my waist as small as a pea while I hopefully meet my male counterparts across the finishline. Pasta dinners for everyone!

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