Monday, February 1, 2010

Is anyone reading this???

Howdy. I got some flak from my sister about not posting. So here I am, although I wonder who is reading this other than our mother. Anyway, training for me is going superb. After having so much leg pain I went and bought some insoles for The BEASTS!! And guess what...after buying $140 shoes, $25 insoles fixed my problem. I am now running 4 miles in 42 minutes with little discomfort. This Wednesday I will be upping it to 5. If I up my mileage a mile a week I will be ready by race day. My goal for now is to run 10 minute miles. I figure if something happens during the race I will have some room to work with before they yank me from the race and make me do the ride of shame to the finish line. They say if you don't keep a 13:45 mile pace after the 7th mile they will pick you up in a car/truck/van/golf cart and take you to the finish line. This could be very embarrassing if they take you past all the other runners. Btw...if you get bored while running I have the perfect solution. Download the Uhh Yeah Dude podcast. Alison, I hope you have already done so. Their slogan is "Two American Americans Saving America From Herself". These guys are freaking hilarious. They pretty much just talk about current events in America and how many Americans are a little screwy. Check their webpage out... DOWNLOAD IT, IT'S FREE!! Okay that's all...

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